DGVM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbandsmanagement) focuses since 1995 on the professionalization of association management and the collective representation of interests by associations. So far, DGVM is independent from the respective tasks and missions of individual associations and acts as an „association for associations“. It is headquartered in Bonn/Germany and comprises about 360 associations.

Deutsches Verbände Forum (www.verbaende.com) is as the internet portal of German associations the real “knowledge base on associations”. It provides information “from, about and for associations”. Verbaende.com is the most comprehensive database on all aspects of associations which contains among others contact details of more than 13.000 associations, more than 100,000 press releases, and a huge archive of professional articles round the “association world”.

Verbändereport, the print magazine for German associations, delivers nine times per year background articles to all aspects of the management and missions of associations whether non-charity or charity, including bench marking, public affairs and lobbying.

For further information please contact:

German Society for Association Management (DGVM)
Tim Richter
via email: richter@verbaende.com
Headquarter: Dürenstraße 8, 53173 Bonn, Germany