DGVM – The Association for Associations

The German Association for Association Management e.V. (DGVM) is the largest cross-sectional organization for associations in Germany with a professional staff. Since its foundation in 1996, it has developed into an association for associations.

The main task of the DGVM is to support managers and employees of associations in their daily work, to provide new impulses and ideas and to moderate the exchange of experience across all association boundaries.

As an association for associations, the DGVM is committed to the interests of associations and organizations of all types and sizes. It is concerned with the professionalization of association management and also clarifies the important task and indispensability of organized interest groups in a modern, pluralistic society.

The DGVM actively supports full-time managers in their daily association work. The closely knit network of member association managers, external association experts, specialized consultants, association researchers and association service providers helps the DGVM to do this. The DGVM provides expertise and places experts on all association issues.

The DGVM office is the central hub and moderator for the transfer of information on all questions concerning associations their management.

For further information please contact:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbandsmanagement e.V. (DGVM)
German Society for Association Management
Mr. Wolfgang Lietzau
via email: lietzau@verbaende.com
Headquarter: Dürenstraße 8, 53173 Bonn, Germany